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Spent Alumina Recycling

Metaloy's Spent Alumina Recycle Program offers a non-landfill disposal alternative for spent alumina generated within the oil, chemical, petrochemical and other industries. The program will accept all non-hazardous alumina that does not contain heavy metals.

• Metaloy offers an environmentally safe program to recycle non-hazardous spent alumina.   Non-hazardous is defined by TCLP testing. Proof is required.
Complete a profile for each unit within your facility.
• Alumina must be non-hazardous and confirmation is required.
• Alumina should be analyzed for moisture, LOI, sulfur and metal oxides.
• Test data is sent to Metaloy.
• Send a 1-gallon sample of the spent alumina to Metaloy.
• Metaloy offers an opportunity for oil refineries, steel mills, utilities, chemical plants and   other industrial facilities to reduce their cost to dispose of spent alumina. All inert support   must be removed; however, active support is accepted.
• Metaloy provides the opportunity for you to recycle large or small quantities of alumina in   what is defined as our “Milk Run” system.
• Metaloy can accept spent alumina in super sacks and/or bulk. Drums are discouraged.
• Metaloy will provide the name and location of the recycle facility(s) that has approved   your spent alumina. Arrangements can be made for you to perform an environmental   audit of the facility(s) to ensure that your corporate “cradle-to-grave” responsibility is met.   A signed confidentiality agreement is required.
• Metaloy will work with all levels of your organization – Operations, Purchasing,   Environmental and Logistics. We will become an extension of your operation by helping   to develop the strategic and tactical procedures to make this operation run smoothly.
• Metaloy’s goal in providing this service is to make your job less hectic. We realize that the   workload of refinery/chemical facility personnel is steadily increasing. Metaloy has the   staff, the environmentally correct outlets and the procedures to offer this less stressful
  and cost-effective recycle solution for alumina disposal.

• Metaloy will work with you to meet internal, state and federal environmental waste   minimization mandates.
• Metaloy will provide the name and location of the recycle facility(s) that has approved   your spent alumina.
• Program promoted by major alumina manufacturers.
• Metaloy provides beneficial reuse of spent alumina and is considered a significant
  improvement over landfill disposal and other depository disposal methods.


Click here to download:
A pre-audit questionnaire

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