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Metaloy Featured at Dayton Water Conference

Metaloy’s collaborative relationship with the United States Environmental Protection Agency was featured during a keynote speech at the Dayton Water Conference, May 10-12, 2010. Please click here to view U.S. EPA Director Sally Guiterrez’s presentation.  Metaloy is featured on pages 44-58.

For more information on the Dayton Water Conference, please click here.

Collaboration Looks to Clean up Contaminated Water

Claude Kennard (MGT '91) says he founded MAR Systems, a clean water technology company headquartered in Solon, OH, to develop a faster, cheaper and greener solution to clean up contaminated water streams, particularly with regards to mercury.

Working hand-in-hand with the company to achieve that goal is Case Western Reserve University Macromolecular Science and Engineering Chair David Schiraldi, PhD, and his research team. MAR Systems funding supports one of Schiraldi's postdoctoral fellows and supports the surface analysis of a proprietary material for MAR Systems.
Kennard says the company's relationship with the university has allowed him to tap into capabilities that would not otherwise be available. "We needed to work with a partner that could handle the rigors of our research. Dave (Schiraldi's) team combined the intellectual know-how with real-world application. We have been able to bring our project from experimentation to lab scale to manufacturing," he says.

Schiraldi adds, "This is an excellent, real-world problem that brings together some fundamental science, which when understood will allow the industrial sponsor to improve their product. This specific problem also takes advantage of one of Case Western Reserve's strengths, surface analysis. Overall, this is an ideal corporate-university partnership."

MAR Systems is also working with the university through its use of The Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis of Materials, which gives Kennard and his team access to the resources they need to perform high-level analysis. The Swagelok Center is a multi-user analytical facility providing instrumentation for microstructural characterization of materials as well as surface and near-surface chemical analysis. {more}

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