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          At Metaloy, we’re committed to and embrace the concept of industrial ecology through our services. Industrial ecology shifts the industrial process from linear systems - where resources and capital investments move through a system and become waste – to a closed system where wastes become inputs for new or alternative processes. At Metaloy, we continue to find ways to meet our clients’ needs to help them achieve or build an eco-friendly image.

As the nation’s leader in industrial ecology, Metaloy provides a Spent Alumina Recycling Program to offer a comprehensive program to recycle spent Claus, defluroinator, air dryer and process catalysts from the hydrocarbon industry. Over the past five years, Metaloy has worked to expand the program to provide availability to a more extensive range of outlets. More recently, Metaloy has begun offering a research program to test spent Claus for outlets to reduce disposal costs – and even to pay for your spent Claus catalyst in certain circumstances.

It is Metaloy’s goal to eliminate landfilling of spent Claus catalyst.
Metaloy is continually working on methods and technologies to extend the life cycle of spent Claus and all alumina to advance the concept of industrial ecology.

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