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Defluorinator Alumina Recycling
A component of the Spent Alumina Program is the recycling of spent Defluorinator alumina. Spent Defluorinator alumina can now be accepted in super sacks or bulk, whichever suits your operational needs. If loaded in flow-bins and dumpsters, contact Metaloy to develop a program to include alumina in alternate packaging.

Metaloy’s goal is to reduce the amount of spent Defluorinator catalyst sent to landfills or more costly industrial outlets. Metaloy is continually working on methods and technologies to extend the life cycle of spent Defluorinator and all alumina accepted by the program to embrace the concept of industrial ecology.

• Contact Metaloy to discuss when your next Defluorinator vessel dump is scheduled
Complete a profile for each unit within your facility
• Alumina must be non-hazardous and confirmation is required
• Inert support media should be screened, but active support is acceptable
• Alumina should be analyzed for moisture, LOI, fluoride and individual metal oxides
• Test data is sent to Metaloy
• Send a 1-gallon sample of the spent alumina to Metaloy
• Samples of your spent Defluorinator alumina are sent to industrial outlets
• Metaloy will notify generator once outlet has been identified
• Transportation arranged by Metaloy
• Spent alumina is 100% consumed as a beneficial raw material
• Metaloy will provide verification that your spent Defluorinator alumina was recycled

• Reduce the time your staff spends on non-hazardous disposal issues
• Reduce disposal costs
• Reduces reporting of alumina disposals to State and Federal environmental groups
• Program promoted by major alumina manufacturers
• Program offers cradle-to-grave reporting
• Program will accept small and large quantities of alumina
• Program allows your facility to participate in an environmentally friendly program
• Recycled into industrial outlets that use virgin and spent alumina
• Recycle program creates more efficiency in the removal/change-out process
• Worldwide recycling service provided for your different facilities around the globe

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